What are Goldendoodles?


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Goldendoodles can be very energetic and require a good amount of exercise. Taking them for long walks works just fine. If you have a pool or nearby lake, goldendoodles are excellent swimmers and really seem to enjoy it.

When shopping around for a goldendoodles, research different goldendoodle breeders to find an experienced and trusted one. Proper breeding is a very difficult task and you don't want a dog from someone without the experience to get you a quality goldendoodle. For more information on goldendoodles and to see our available puppies, take a look at our available Goldendoodle puppies.

Ever since humans domesticated dogs, they have been known as man's best friend. With so many breeds, sometimes it's difficult to find a dog that fits your lifestyle perfectly. In order to gather certain traits from a breed of dog and suppress undesired traits, breeders have been crossbreeding dogs to create "designer dogs."

These designer dogs are created for a variety of reasons. One such dog is known as a "Goldendoodle." Goldendoodles were originally created to be a great service dog that was hypoallergenic. That way, those in need who were allergic to dogs could still get the help they require. While the hypoallergenic trait can't be guaranteed, most goldendoodles do inherit that trait from the poodle.‚Äč

Along with the hypoallergenic trait, most don't shed the way other dogs do.  As a result, goldendoodles have become popular as family pets.  This is because they retain the Golden Retriever traits of being easily trainable and good with children and other dogs