"Just wanted to send you all some pics of Emmy Jo.... she is doing great and as you can see getting along well with our pets and our kids...." 

- Nathan

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"Many thanks for James sound puppy tips. Izzy is settling in wonderfully...she is (going potty) outside, sleeping well and is following me around at every step... Grandbaby was calling her name today when we were going outside.. Thank you for our precious addition to our family!" 




"We are enjoying our little Ellie girl more than we could have imagined; thank you so much, it was very nice meeting you !!!"

-Andy and Madison


"Molly does so well with the kids! She's the perfect patient"

- Carrie


"I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful our new sweet puppy is (Olga's Pink Girl). Our 3-year old daughter has named her Pickles, and she has already brought such joy to our family. Pickles is THE BEST DOG EVER. She is so sweet and smart, and already is capable of so much - she already obeys commands to sit and lay down, she can walk off the leash in our neighborhood without pursuing other dogs/cats, sleeps through the night in her crate without a peep, plays fetch and drops, and is the best snuggle-partner on Earth! If we had the space and money, I would adopt as many of your wonderful dogs as possible!!"


"This is Fynn. He will be 2 in December. We cannot imagine our family without him. He brings us so much joy everyday."   ​

- Alicia

"Abby Mae is 4 months old today! She loves being outside, playing with her big orange ball, belly and ear rubs, and mealtime!"

-Becky B.

"My wife and I bought a puppy from you.... Paris and Ozzie's Boy Blue.  He has been great and we love him dearly.  We named him Sailor. He has been such a joy to our lives!" 

- John and Family


"I am including some early photos of Kenzi. She has slept two nights straight…she knows chow hall (utility room). She is learning door (to go out,) She likes to be held; the bond is already there. Everyone in the neighborhood has come to see her"

- Lynn

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"Luc and I just wanted to share a couple pics of Jax (boy black from Laci's litter). He is doing very well and has become quite the handsome pup! We couldn't be happier, and can't imagine a day without Jax now."

- Leah

Bonnie Lynn 

"Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful night! What a sweet puppy! He is very loved already! Thank you so much for our new baby!" 

-Stacey and Gary

Emmy Jo



"Thank you so much! It was such a delight to meet James and Buddy is settling right in here at home! Thank you for a wonderful and easy experience in our adoption process!" God bless!"




"LuLu turned one in July....she is one of the most loving and loyal pups ever! She has become best friends with our rescue pup Whoodle - they are inseparable. We love her bunches; Thanks again!"

- Andrew and Mar


"Here are a few pictures of Maggie (spoiled already). I can't believe how well behaved and already potty trained she is!! She's so fun to have around!"

-Julie and Family

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"I just wanted to share some photos of Saylor (Laci's Girl Purple). We adopted her in early March and it didn't take us long to fall in love with her! I cannot begin to describe how wonderful of a puppy she is. She is so sweet, smart, and of course incredibly adorable. We had such a great experience adopting from Dawgy Doodles and we love getting to spoil our sweet girl!"

-Bryce and Christian

"Seasons greetings, James, to you and yours from Bonnie Lynn and our family.  Bonnie just completed her first semester at college as Emily May's service dog! She is the hit of the campus and dorm! She lays quietly next to my daughter's wheelchair in every class and every oncology appointment. She sweetly escorts her to and fro.  - Paris should be quite proud of her little Girl Yellow.  Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!" 

- Pam and Family

"Molly is 10 weeks old today and growing fast! She can sit, lay down, and shake on command. Such a smart girl!" 


"Can't imagine what life would be like without him (Louie)"

-Sheila and Family

"Thank you for blessing us with Toby (Boy Blue-Olga). He is seriously the best puppy ever and we just love him to pieces!!" 

- Christina B



"Nashville has brought nothing but joy to me and the people he's surrounded by. He has quire the personality - he keeps us laughing on the daily! He is perfect for my family!"

​​- Kalee

"Wanted to send you a picture of Olga's Lilac (now known as Jessie). 😊 She is a perfect addition to our family and we are all in love! She has done a great job going potty outside (no accidents inside!) and she is such a great listener. She went to the vet today and they said she was "the perfect puppy" because she was absolutely so well behaved with shots, spray up her nose and nail trimming!! Thank you!" 

-Jennifer and Family

"Pleasure meeting you too! We love her so much already and promise to love her immensely!" 

- Carrie

"Cooper (Daisi's Boy Blue) is doing well and growing like a weed. He is very sweet and has a wonderful personality." 

​​- Edna

"Good Afternoon,
I just thought I drop an email by to say how impressed I am buy the initial impression of you guys. I have been looking for a goldendoodle breeder for months, and I still don't plan to get a dog for another 6 - 8 months, but this is the best one I have found. It seems like you guys really love your pups, and a lifetime genetic health guarantee is pretty amazing. Also, not requiring a hefty waiting list deposit is such a nice thing. Even though I am a careful planner, giving a $500 deposit for up to a year before I could get the dog I want is kind of scary. I appreciate that you expect people to act with honesty, which is why I am not on your waiting list just yet. Keep doing what you're doing!


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Abby Mae





"Louie and Truman just celebrated their first birthday together Louie is such a joy"

-Sheila and Family