"I felt soooo touched Bella changed our families life. It was originally for my son Jayden but even my 75 years mother is so in love with Bella . I definitely need to get another one. God bless your family"


- Rojas Family




"Kevin is going on very well. He is two years old now, he is an adult now and he is a wonderful male. We get along with him very well, he is very sweet and just a little bit too jealous. Look at them and let me know what you think about Kevin, looks gorgeous, doesn't he?"

- Roberta


"We purchased boy red in late March 2014 and names him Lewis. We are absolutely loving him! Lewis is a ball of energy with so much love and joy. He is a curious pup and always seems to get into mischief - always way too cute to ever get upset. He is 4.5 months old and weighs 31 lbs!! He lost his front two teeth and his new teeth grew in immediately, giving him a buck tooth look haha! He loves running around in the yard and getting the newspaper in the morning. We took him camping recently, and he loved every minute of his 5 mile hike through the woods. He was such a trooper and only began to tire out at the last 5 minutes! His color has lightened quite a bit, but it is gorgeous and now we wouldn't want it any other way. He has been such a fun addition to our family, and we are so grateful for the healthy puppy we purchase from Dawgy Doodles."

- The Coppens Family


"Thought you might like to see a few pics of our boy! A couple from Halloween and just chilling on the deck in the kitchen.  He's doing great and really loves being with us - always wants to know where we are. When you interact with him or just talk to him, his tail is always wagging. He's such a sweetheart!"

- Deb

"We are looking forward to cooler weather so they can really have a great time together. This picture is Boomer's new way to sit on the couch. Thought you would get a chuckle of it."

- Janet


"We have always had golden retrievers in the past and loved them. However, when our last retriever passed away, I began doing research on dogs that were better for people with allergies. My son and I are allergic to dogs, so when the time came to choose another dog, I was careful to make a decision that would reduce our sensitivities. I am not only allergic to the dander but also the saliva. I am proud to report that I am not at all allergic to Sampson's (F1) saliva. He can give me all the kisses he wants and I gladly let him. It is so great to be able to wrestle and play with him without that worry. The shedding and dander have been reduced significantly as well. We are so happy with him."

- Polly

"Maggie is doing very well and she has brought a lot of joy to our home. Our 3 year old Mini-doodle, Buster, plays with her non-stop and they have a great "friendship"."

- Shaun 

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"Just wanted to send over some pictures of Elvis. He is growing like crazy and is such a good puppy. Him and his older sister are slowly but surely warming up to each other and playing!" 

- Rachel


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"Hazel is doing great! She's really sweet and happy. Loves to play and is eating well and growing too fast!!! She is a great puppy."

Magnolia aka Mags

"Sammy is doing wonderful, been to vet with good bill of health. Staff love him as much as we do. He is growing and learning everyday. Will try to send you pics, have a cute video of his first dig in the dirt! Taking a break from digging, He only did it once but what a good time he had!"

- Sammy

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Read what our families have to say.

We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies. 


"Lulu just turned 4 months old today. Just wanted to share a few pics and let you know what a joy she is. She is so sweet, and is the perfect playmate for our 4 year old whoodle. They are inseparable...we are all in love."

- Mariana

"My wife and I have loved every minute of our time with Tyson (Boy Blue from Aurora/Vegas' litter at the end of October). He just turned 7 months old a few days ago and he is loving time in Atlanta. He is currently in intermediate puppy training and loves car rides and is excited to start swimming come boating season. I have attached a picture of h im that we have taken today after his grooming.  

He is affectionate, very smart, and eager to please. Dawgy Doodles clearly has fantastic dogs and owners and we take every chance we can to share your information when people ask where we got him."

- William

"We have so enjoyed our F1b Goldendoole we got from you in May. We call her Bundle and would love to have another someday, so we just kept checking back on your site. 

Bundle is truly an unusual dog, and we have met others who got dogs from you and feel the same way.  She is more wonderful than we ever expects and we love her very much. "

Thank you for our precious girl! - Beth P.

Have questions? Please send us an email at info@dawgydoodles.com.

We are here to help you and your family find the perfect puppy!

"Our family has found a new best friend and forever family member in the sweet puppy we picked up from you in September. Sadie has been a very easy dog to train and most importantly love! We have kennel trained her to make sure she is afe when we are not home. Her kennel is her safe place and she is happy to mkae it her resting place at night. She loves to play fetch, follow her brothers everywhere they go and play outside. I'm not sure I can express how much love we have for her. She is a true member of our family and we are so thankful you trusted us to take care of her."

- Melissa


"I really wanted to let you know just how happy our Rosie makes this family. I didn't know just how much we could love her, she is a big part of our family. We joke about how she is just like a little human with all her expressions and the way she uses her paws like hands. Rosie is one spoiled baby and we love it, but yes she can be naughty and mischievous, but we wouldn't trade her for anything. As you know my husband was not fully on board when I decided this was the breed for us but he adores her and she adores him!! It really is funny to see them together. Our oldest daughter is not happy to be going off to college in a bout a year only to lose Rosie, she wanted her to go with her but that's not going to happen.

As you know we have a special needs daughter, and Rosie is the first dog we've had that doesn't run from her. Yes, she is still a little rough with her but she is still only a puppy...our daughter and Rosie have a great relationship.  She is just been a joy!!!! It was a pleasure working with you."

- Karen





Happy Families

He's a great dog, full of energy and loves playing everyday with his brother Teddy.  I will probably take him to agility classes in a few months.  He's very smart and loves to learn. He goes to doggie day care twice a week to play with the other dogs and loves it!

- Holly 


""Magnolia, 'Mags', has been the BEST addition to our family. I've had so many people compliment her on how smart she is (she loves to give high fives and shake), how friendly she is with every person/other dogs (there's no such thing as a stranger) and just overall impressed with how lovable she is. She has been super easy to train and is such a snuggler. She was a 'Ty beanie baby' for Halloween and was more excited about seeing all of the trick-or-treaters. Overall, we easily can say she has been our best decision!" 

- Lauren and Blake

"We cannot stop looking at him; he's such a well behaved and wonderful puppy. He played with his new toys, ate and now he just fell asleep .....We love him already. Thank you again for your help and we will definitely keep in touch." 

- Michaela and Chad



"Just an update on our sweet Oliver. We've had him for two weeks now and he is growing like crazy! We absolutely love him to death! He has been the most amazing pet and an excellent addition to our family."

- Lauren

"Little Frisk loves his new family and his broccoli toy"

- Molly


"Lily did wonderfully on the trip home.... Thank you so much for your time today. Everyone is excited to meet her."



"We took Brett with us to our grandsons 6th birthday photo shoot. She is such a joy in our lives!" - Cheryl M!"

- Cheryl


Hey guys! Hope all is well! I took Calla to the vet on Thursday and she got her 1st shot. She gets her rabies in 2 weeks. She's almost 7 pounds and she's adorable. She is getting so big, but she's a smart dog so she's learning pretty quickly. 

- Lauren B.

"Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Cooper for you to see. He is growing so fast and is a sweet boy."  

- Stacy

"Our Gabby is gowing up!! We love her thank you so much"

- Rick W.