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"Daisy is great. We all love her very much. She fits right into our family. She loves to ride in the care to go pick up the kids. We are very happy with her. Thanks so much"

- Christen

Happy Families


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"Abby's first Christmas in our family and she made the Christmas card!! We love her so!! She's almost 10 months and weighing in at 39 pounds! She is her human brother's best friend! She loves to play and do tricks we are so glad she is in our family!! Merry Christmas to you all!!" 

- Becky and Family 


"Just wanted to check in with you since it has been awhile. Theo is doing great, 14 weeks old! .....he is getting so big on me!"

- Corey 



Mr French

​"Buddy is an amazing dog! We love him sooooo much! Thank you"

- Marc

""Here is another cuteness overload picture!" Brett "has made herself right at home! Thanks again! She's beautiful and such a good girl!" 

- Cheryl 

"Once again, thank you so much for a fabulous dog! Pippa loves to go to the dog park and on hiking adventures! She's five months now and weighs 30 pounds. And as you can see, she loves pine cones!"

-Rae, Tennessee



"Here is our invoice confirming Buddy has been neutered...Buddy is doing fine. A little sore to say the least." All the best and thanks again!" 

- Marc 

"Happy St.Patrick's Day from Nunnley  Thought you would enjoy Nunnley's St.Patrick's Day picture! Hope you all are doing well." 

- Melanie and Larry



"Here is Murphy. She will be one on Sept 23. She is the best dog we have ever had. Loves to catch, play ball, and swim. Just wanted to say hi!"

- Alyson




"Today is Nunnley's first birthday and we thought you would enjoy seeing some of his birthday pictures. A year ago who would of thought he would be such a great addition to our family. The highlights of his first year were moving from Hickman County to Alabama, trips to the beach, trips to Nashville, graduating from all 4 of his puppy classes, going to doggy daycare to play with dog friends, and going to the golf course with Larry several times each week. Nunnley now thinks he works for ******* Golf as well. It's been a fun first year with Nunnley and we can't wait to see what this year brings for him!"

-Melanie & Larry, Alabama

"Little Miss Bonnie's first time out in public and she did very well! She can now sit, stay, speak, shake her paw, and ring her hanging doorbell to go outside!! She sleeps wonderfully in her kennel at night, right next to my daughter. She is doing wonderfully!"

- Pam S. 

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"Alibi loves playing fetch with Bryan.  She is so smart, she hasn't had one accident in the house.  She notifies us when it's time to go outside.

-Debi H.

"We have had Mr French for just over a year now and he has blessed us with more love, joy and happiness that we could have ever imagined! (He is)....quite a ham and gets so much attention when we take him out! We refer everyone who expresses an interest in a golden doodle to you as an excellent breeder. "



"Thank you for helping us get Piper. I believe she has enjoyed all of the hugs as much as we have enjoyed her cuddling up to us."

- Dr. Brian M

"As I promised I'm sending you some Kevin's new pictures. He's becoming quite big and even  more beautiful than before. He is a real attraction. He is able to sit down, to give me his paw and to lie down at my order. He is very clever. We are really happy to have Kevin in our family. May I ask you just one thing, does Kevin need haircut? His eyes are almost covered by his hair at the moment. I comb his hair around the eyes everyday in order to allow him to see better. In Italy this breed is almost unknown that's why I'm asking you. I hope to hear from you very soon. 

- Roberta 


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"Sweet Chaco is doing wonderful. She is happy, calm and found a best friend in our other doodle Riley. They play so well together. My kids love her and she loves them. Here is a few recent pics of our precious fur baby!!" 

- Courtney 

"Hi! I just spoke with James about my cousin who is looking for a puppy. . . (Here's) "a photo of the one I got from you a few years back...Lucia." 

- Mary Beth 

"You were right....Gertie is the best puppy ever!  She has adjusted to life in Chicago and fits right into our family.  Gertie is very sweet, loves to cuddle and is also very playful.  She is very smart and learning commands so easily.  We couldn't imagine our life without her.  Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!"

- Jennifer


Boomer has finished his training. He will start working with Hospice tomorrow.  Thank you for such a great dog. 

- Janet 


"Just wanted to check in with you since it has been awhile. Theo is doing great, 14 weeks old! .....he is getting so big on me!"

- Corey 

"Here are some pictures of Oliver's 1st "birthday party"! He's our pride and joy. . .And the best little furry sidekick!"

- Tori 

""Good afternoon.. . . I am attaching the paperwork from the vet as documentation (of her spaying) and I am also including a current picture of Piper so you can see how she has grown into a beautiful puppy dog.. .Thanks and have a great day!"  

- Brian

"Here is a picture of Barley. He is the sweetest dog in the world! We love him dearly. He is so well behaved and loves everyone and loves being around other dogs. We spoil him with lots of toys and lots of love! We already get compliments from so many people about how cute and well behaved he is. Thank you!!



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"Lily did wonderfully on the trip home....Thank you so much for your time today. Everyone is excited to meet her." 

- Renee




"Good morning from Paris' little big girl 'yellow' -- aka: Bonnie Lynn. She is such a joy and is weighing in currently at about 21 lbs. My daughter is loving her!!" 

- Pam