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"Mozzie is totally potty trained!! She sleeps in her bed all night till 7 am for potty!! Unbelievable!! She is so happy and I am too!!"

- Tanya


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"Hello! This is Raven and Christin. We adopted Kali's Boy Red (Now known as Jax) in September and we are just sending proof of his fixing whixh was in the contract. Thank you and here are some pics of him throughout the last 9 months. He is absolutely incredible and we will definitetly be coming back to y'all for our next!"

-Ravan & Christin, Tennessee



“We haven't sent you any pictures in a while. Nunnley is very well adjusted at 18 months old. When he had his check-up he weighs 51 pounds. He is so well mannered with both people and other dogs. He continues to bring us great joy! He spends his days gong to the golf course with Larry, going to puppy daycare to swim and play with his friends, and hanging out at home.  It amazes us how much everyone who meets him loves him. He just makes people smile. Hope all is well in Hickman County. We hope to arrange a time when we are in Hickman County to bring him by so you can see him.” 

- Melanie and Larry


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"I thought you might like to see a couple of "updated" pics that I took of Zach yesterday. He's so much fun and game for just about anything. He earned his cookies, for posing as "Santa Dog". All the best to you, your family and your wonderful dogs for a happy, healthy 2014!"

- Deb 


"Wanted to let you guys know that we had Opie neutered two weeks ago. He is doing very well and has healed wonderfully. Do you need any proof other than my notifying you? I have attached a few recent photos of him that you might enjoy. Hope you both have a wonderful week."

-Josh & Amy, Tennessee

"Happy Homecoming to another furever family"

-Beth and Family

"I have included two recent pictures of Nunnley as well as his diploma from his second puppy class. We start our next series of classes on Monday. He is beginning to enjoy swimming. He spends his days going to the golf course to work with Larry. If Larry is seen without Nunnley everyone ask where his helper is that day. If he does not go to the golf course he will go to school and play with his friends or stay home and relax. We continue to enjoy Nunnley.     Melanie and Larry Arnold,               

- Melanie and Larry

"Theo is growing and doing well! He weighs 33 pounds now....Lots of personality, loves to be around people."  

- Corey


"We have our Doodle, Oliver from Dawgy Doodles, he is an absolute joy to be around….I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Goldendoodle"

- Penny


"Hank is loving life in the Pacific NW. We now have a backyard which he loves compared to apartment life and we're only three blocks away from the dog park. We got to the park everyday at noon and can set out watch to Hank laying by the door at 11:45 saying "let's go!" The park picture attached is him after a muddy day at the park, he had fun. The other picture is him after his first haircut, we didn't recognize him when we picked him up from the groomers!

Hank has been a wonderful addition to our family. We're constantly wondering what we did and what we talked about before we had him in our lives." 

​​- Jessica

"Here is Milo at his graduation from puppy class! He is doing great!". 

- Deborah 

"She is growing fast, we have loved seeing her grow and learn new things!...We love her so much and can't imagine life without her, thank you so much for making such great dogs!"  

- Brenna and Dan

“Two years ago, we adopted our girl, Bundle, from you. She is one of the nicest gifts God has given me. My mother and I love Bundle dearly. I know you hear this a lot, but she is exceptionally smart! She is a wonderful companion and goes everywhere with me (my mother does not get out much). She has been “good medicine” for both of us!"  

- Beth


"Here are some pictures of Pippa on Christmas! She's getting to be so big we can barely pick her up! Definitely the best Christmas present ever!" 

- Rae 


"Bonnie Lynn...is doing wonderfully :):)... She is adored and an amazing companion for my daughter still battling cancer. She travels wonderfully and is a delight wherever she goes. She is amazing with our cat of 10 years"

- Pamela

"Lily getting her manicure….Lily is wonderful. A big bundle of love!"

-Renee and Gregory

"This is Lewis, in the picture. Isn't he cute!! He is doing good. We finished our first 6 weeks of Pet Smart training and will start with the intermediate soon."

- Kellye

"I just wanted to reach out and give you an update on Cooper. He is doing great and brings us joy every single day. He has grown up with our 3 year old son and they play with each other as much as possible.  I am also looking to give him a brother and curious on when your next litter will be available. We would prefer a goldendoodle that is in the standard size range. But any descendent of Cooper would be nice as well."

- Brandon 


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We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies. 

"Here's a recent phot of our Jax -- sitting with his beloved toys. Boy, does he love to play. He's energetic, smart, very lovable, and gets countless compliments on how cute he is. And he's growing like a weed. He was around 15 lbs when we got him nearly 7 weeks ago, and he's over 25 lbs now...

We will be visiting family in South Florida during the next couple holiday weeks, taking Jax with us to meet the rest of our extended clan. We're sure he'll win their hearts over like he has ours. We're so grateful for having him."

- Sherry


Ace and Bogey

(Ace and Bogey) are so great! ....such wonderful dogs and a great addition to our household! We love them dearly!" 

- Tara

"We have on of the beloved Doggy Doodles....our pup Jackson is a Goldendoodle and he is awesome! Highly recommend this breeder. Here are some recent photos of Jackson! He has grown up to be a very big, sweet, goofy, stubborn boy. The kids and I (and Mitul) love him so much and am so thankful we got to be his family!" 

- Yasmin

"Just wanted to send you a picture! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" 

- Emily

"Hey! The puppy is great! We named her Sadie and she has fit right into our family. Our other dogs just love her also."

- Tanya

"Louie (Twinkie's Boy Blue) is settling in nicely! We love him" - Sheila A and Family" 

-Sheila and Family

"We purchased our dog Rocky from you Christmas 2015 who has turned out to be a great addition to our family. I am inquiring to see if there will be a litter of F2b Standards at any point in the future; considering how our first dog turned out, I would love to buy another from you."

- William






"Just wanted to show you our Murphy....and how much she has grown. We love her so much...She has adapted well, and our children adore her. She is so smart and well behaved too!!!! Thank you so much for making our match successful!!!"

- Alyson

"We just wanted to share that we are so happy with our Alligator. He is the perfect addition to our family. We are all in love with him and are having a blast watching him grow." 

- Anthony, Angie and Family

Happy Families


"Mav is adjusting to our home and we are loving him" 

- Amanda


Bonnie Lynn

"Maverick is such a wonderful dog and a true member of our family. He is very obedient and loving! He has learned a few tricks, but really just enjoys being snuggled and getting his belly rubs."

- Amanda


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"The puppies are beyond precious. Maybe someday we will get another. Doc is now a year and a half. Perfect, disposition, beautifully behaved and much loved.  Everyone that sees him says he is by far, the most beautiful doodle ever....even people like our groomer who cuts 90% of the doodles in Nashville.  We would trade nothing about him, but thought you might want to know that is weighing 52 pounds, instead of the expected 35.  He is as lean as can be, just a little bigger than expected"

- Buzz and Pat B.



"Just wanted to update you on...Mac, he has adjusted really well and we are in love with him. He's very good with the kids!"   

- Tommy


"Here's a current picture of Oliver, he's now 20 months old and still as sweet and loving as he could be. There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't make us laugh at something he's doing. He's a pup that is very loved"

- Penny



"Louie is happy and healthy. He is 16 lbs and is so calm and intelligent! He learns everything very, very quickly. We are so happy that he is part of our family."

- Sheila