"Here are some updated pictures of Emma.  She is a great dog and is doing very well.  She definitely has a family that loves her.  You'll note in one of the photos she graduated her good manners class with flying colors. Hope you enjoy the pictures." 

-Travis and Family


"Sadie (Sweeties Girl Purple) is growing up so fast, and doing well with her training! Her and big sis are enjoying their summer together!" 

- Holly

"Kenzie will be two years old in Jan. She is a delightful doodle who is a very smart and well behaved dog....She runs beside our golf cart up and down our quiet street, off lead.  She responds well to "let's go", heel, sit, come and load as well as other commands.  She loves to camp and ride in the card and cart." 

- Lynn and Family

"Just wanted to send an update and some recent pictures of Penny...She is doing well! Very playful and learning lots! She is a beauty!!! Loves everyone and everyone loves her!"

-Dawn and Aaron


"London (Sweeti's Girl Pink) has settled in great! She & my roommate's cockapoo, Indiana, have become the best of friends. London finished puppy school two weeks early because she was so smart!"

​​- Ansley

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We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies.

"Our sweet Jimmy (Paris' Aqua) is the best so far. He's been great, smart and has easily acclimated to our family." 

- Cathy

"Quincy is 16 months and Bailey is 8 months.  They are complete opposites but so much fun! We just love them both so much!"





Malakai "Kai"

"Banks, Paris' Boy Red is growing so fast! He has been the best puppy ever! He is very loving and playful!" 

​​- Hannah

"Boomer has really grown; he is such a sweet boy.  I really love the great dog I got from you.  We got snow last winter and he really enjoyed himself.  Hope all is well with you."


"We can't believe Abby is three!!! She is the BEST DOG EVER! Her personality is perfect! She wrestles with the boys in the day and then snuggles up sleeps right in between her Mom and Dad every night! We love her so much!!"

- Becky


"Benny continues to be such a joy to myself and everyone he meets.  He loves to play at the dog park and snuggle. He is so smart...! We can't wait to celebrate his second birthday this weekend." 

- Nicole



"We adopted Selena's Boy Blue "Kai" back in April and I just wanted to touch bases and tell you how much we love having this pesky pup in our home! He could be the the poster boy for puppy, but we find ourselves laughing more than we have in years. I'm attaching a couple of pictures just for fun...the whole family's very happy with our boy!  His graduation from puppy kindergarten (he was the only one in the class to stop eating his hat long enough for a picture!)"

- Linda 


"Summer's first beach trip. We went to Dauphin Island, Alabama. She has been kayaking, swimming, running on the beach and watching the birds fly by! She is having so much fun! We have to keep a life jacket on her because she just keeps going!"


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"Here is sweet Ruby (8 months) and her sister Roxy (7 months). We are enjoying every minute of these sweet girls!"

- Aronn


"I wanted y'all to see my Millie!! She was Pippa's Girl Purple in February litter of 2017. She is my perfect diva and I love her so much."

- Kendal


Happy Families


"Jasper is amazing and is doing so well. They love him and he loves these girls! He puts up with so much.  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!"

-Jessica and Family


"Just recently adopted Boy Yellow. Things are going very, very well! We are in love with our boy 'Oggie!' Here are a few pictures of the cutie also :)"   ​

- Stephanie

Quincy and Bailey

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"Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with Bella. She has become my sons best friend and is a gorgeous well mannered dog." 


"Sweeti's Boy Blue here....we decided on 'Ryman' after the historic music venue in Nashville. He's lovin' life over here! Thanks for bringing this little bundle of joy into our lives! He's smart, a sweetheart...."

- Christina

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"Hi! Just wanted you to know that Teddy got neutered today.  I think it hurts me more than him!!! Lol Otherwise, he is doing great!!!....He's such a good boy and we love him so much!!! Thank you again!!!"

- Yvonne 

"Belle (Paris Girl Purple) is doing very well.  She is very friendly, playful, sweet and very smart....she is a very good dog and she is a great motivation for daily exercise! She has a wonderful coat - very soft and does not shed." 

- Matt and Family


"Bueller is so spoiled and probably getting way too much love.  We are absolutely in love with him."​



"Just wanted to let you guys know Max (Paris' Boy Green) is settling in as our third "baby" wonderfully! He's so sweet to our kids and is super smart! Thank you again for such a great pup; he really is a wonderful dog! We are amazed at how quickly he learns and how well behaved he is, even for a puppy! And his gentle nature with the babies makes him all the more awesome! You do a great job with these puppies and we are so thankful we found Max through y'all! Thank you" 

-Emily and Family


Ruby and Roxy

"Here's Ollie with our other puppy, Dobby. They seem to be getting along well together."​

-Susan and Family